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About the Photographer

Sarah Lloyd-Byasee is a professional photographer backed by quality education, years of experience, and passion for her work. She graduated from the School of Communication Arts in Minneapolis in 1990 and found a niche in children’s photography, which is still her specialty today. Sarah practiced her skills and developed her style while working in multiple studios over the course of her career. It has now been eight years that she has run her own photography business, expanding her creative services to include the photography of children, families, seniors, weddings, commercial settings, corporate events, and special occasions.


Sarah resides in central Indiana, but practices her photography both there and in her home-state of Minnesota. From start to finish, her photography is specialized for each client’s needs. Sarah brings personality and inspiration to every session, and she looks forward to helping you savor your special moments.

Contact Me

Sarah Lloyd-Byasee

Brownsburg, Indiana

Text/Call  (317)319-6789

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